A Multicultural Curriculum exploring our world through the lens of Filipino history and culture.

Pinoy Teach is based on Philippine and Filipino American culture and history. It is not only about Filipinos. It is also about you. It is about me. And it is about that which connects us as people. Of course, every people’s history and culture is unique, and there are also many similarities. Therefore, Pinoy Teach is designed around concepts and experiences all people share.

Multicultural & Civilization
Racism & Discrimination
Ethnic Identity


An Adventure into Filipino History and Culture

Diversity and multiculturalism have become buzzwords, yet their meanings, social significance, and practical application can remain obscure and confusing to youth, educators, and the overall community.

Pinoy Teach helps students understand the significance of diversity and multiculturalism and how to apply these concepts positively in their social development and interaction with others.

I learned to structure a multicultural curriculum into a history class.

- Teacher, The Bush School