PINOY TEACH KIT – Includes Pinoy Teach textbook, Activity Booklet, and Teacher Manual materials below (valued at $40.00). $35.00 (10% discount)

PINOY TEACH TEXTBOOK – 44-pages of comprehensive Philippine and Filipino American history content with original layout, artwork, and graphic design. Includes a 4-colored cover of the Pinoy Teach mural. $10.00

PINOY TEACH ACTIVITY BOOKLET – 20-pages of ready-to-use worksheets and activities with original layout, artwork, and graphic design. $10.00

PINOY TEACH TEACHER MANUAL – 50-pages of instructions that teach the eight chapters of Pinoy Teach. Based on standards-based unit and lesson planning format. Provides lesson objectives, broad understandings, driving questions, multiple activities, assessment, and enrichment for each chapter. $20.00

PINOY TEACH TEXTBOOK: CLASS SET OF 25 – $175.00 (30% discount) Set of 25 (valued at $250.00) offered to educators, community organizations, and non-profit groups. $175.00 (30% discount)

IJEEPNEY.COM KIT – Includes MyBalangay Journal, Teachers Curriculum Guide and Resources, and set of 4 Posters, and Curriculum Guide (valued at $55.00). $50.00 (10% discount)


IJEEPNEY.COM STUDENT'S MY BALANGAY JOURNAL – 20-page activity journal for students to reflect and make connections to content on $10.00

IJEEPNEY.COM TEACHER'S CURRICULUM GUIDE AND RESOURCES – 100 page teaching guide complete with 25 standards-based unit and lesson plans, reproducible worksheets, assessments and resources to teach Filipino American history and culture to students. $20.00

IJEEPNEY.COM CURRICULUM GUIDE – 20 page full-color guide to help you navigate through the Smithsonian Centennial online Filipino American curriculum and’s online community. $5.00

POSTER SET – 4 11 X 18 full color posters designed by a Walt Disney artist reflecting the Smithsonian Centennial online Filipino American curriculum’s themes of identity, revolution, immigration and social action. $20.00 (or $5/per poster)